Music To My Ears – Tiffany Hudson (Lyrics, Video)

Music To My Ears - Tiffany Hudson

Talented contemporary christian music composer popularly called Tiffany Hudson has done justice to this live band production with the title “Music To My Ears.” 

This amazing christian worship song has helped many weak souls regain power. Music they say is a powerful and cheapest therapist and Music to your ears by Tiffany Hudson explains it all.

Lyrics: Music To My Ears – Tiffany Hudson

Your voice is music to my ears
Say the word and everything within me stops to hear
I listen close to catch the song
As the harp begins to play along
With every whisper
Every note

How sweet it is
The melody
How beautiful Your symphony
My Father sings over me

You know the language of my soul
You speak and every single part of me comes home
You’re my home

I live for this
Each word from Your lips

Video: Music To My Ears By Tiffany Hudson

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